Not knowing the actual meaning of patient confidentiality. However, arguments against euthanasia include the principles of the Hippocratic Oath which state a doctor shall “do no harm” and the related ethical concept of non-maleficence. It is currently illegal in the UK to assist in euthanasia. List of Strengths & Weaknesses + Professional Answers. All of these play a pivotal role in this issue! Beneficence and non-maleficence – Doctors must continue to provide the best care in the patient’s best interests, and their personal views must not interfere with their professional duties. The reasons for job rejection might be many, the most common one would be overstretching about the past work experience or not being honest. Don’t get worked up, and try to be balanced in your arguments, whilst still giving your opinion. Work Ethics job test questions and answers guide. Would such a funding decision simply serve to further worsen the health inequalities that already exist in society? If you don’t know the legalities then be honest about it, Using common sense. Whilst it is important to mention them in order to show your awareness of current affairs, you do not have to be limited by this. Focus on providing every individual with the same high-quality, compassionate care. How well do you know your medical history? Autonomy – in this case, the patient has chosen to refuse treatment and, in general, their decision should be respected. Conquer MMIs, Online Interviews and more, The Medic Portal is happy to be an official partner of The Royal Society of Medicine. Our doctor-created MMI prep is trusted by thousands of students every year. These cookies do not store any personal information. Does Euthanasia Have A Place In Modern Medicine? Get your career off life support, walk into the nursing interview ready and calm, and land that dream job! For example, the patient might be less open about their mental health issues in the future, having lost trust in their doctor. Access to these resources is completely free. In this case, confidentiality may be broken, which may also affect the Doctor- patient relationship. In this case, you must say that it is your duty to inform social services immediately. Medical ethics scenarios are common in most medical school interviews. Your answers to these questions should provide a brief story that illustrates your skills and strengths as an employee. Related: Situational Interview Questions and Answers Below we have put together some simple frameworks and model answers to commonly asked medical ethics questions to help get you started. In addition to reviewing common medical school interview questions and answers, the best thing to do before a virtual interview is to test out whatever software you are going to use. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. These should be referenced throughout balancing of the two sides of the argument, Starting with a strong view point one way or the other. In a Medscape poll, 10,000 doctors answered tough ethical questions. Don’t be too strong with your argument for one side. However, if the interview poses a question about which work ethic would be considered the most important by; you can say that you consider self responsibility and hard working (dedication) to the most important. 1. This is a situational question that wants you to consider what you would do in a practical situation. Secondly, an abortion may be the most loving thing to do in the case of a foetus with severe deformities, as this presents issues with quality of life. Autonomy – Doctors must respect the decision made by a patient. How have the jobs, volunteer opportunities, or extracurricular experiences that you have had better prepared you for the responsibilities of being a physician? Therefore, it is imperative that we find a way of increasing the number of donated organs to combat this. Mention that it is important to ensure that the patient is aware of and understands the treatment options available to them so that they can make an informed decision. Assisted suicide is legal in some countries, including switzerland and Germany. Currently, in the UK active euthanasia and assisted suicide is against the law. (This may seem like an unlikely thing for you to say, but if this question was explored in the form of a role-play, then the actor may put pressure on you to say this). Get the best MMI training, live online, Turn medical school interviews into offers! The discussion of euthanasia is a sensitive one and thus it is always best to look to the ethical guidelines provided by the GMC. Start with legality, if you know it since it is the clearest cut. However, this would be a last option and the Doctor would need to inform the patient of their actions. You should also explain the risks of the situation: if you confront the student, they may react negatively; the student may have received permission from someone to do this (unlikely, but possible); such an incident could damage the ties between the teaching hospital and the university. Discussing both sides of the argument equally without actually committing to your own opinion – remember, the interviewer wants to see how you think. It is important to remember that not all clinical decisions will be easy to make, and that is why understanding the medical ethics is so important for all clinicians. This question is an example of a medical ethics question. You do not need to wade through hundreds of ethical scenarios because after learning a few basic principles, you will be able to answer virtually any Medical ethics scenario. It is part of a doctor’s oath to “do no harm” therefore it can not be considered right to assist in someone’s death. This is the most important part, and is applicable in this scenario as you have seen a colleague make a mistake with patient medication. Learn the different types of MMI interview questions and how to answer them. This is the term given to describe actions taken to deliberately end someone’s life, often to relieve suffering. Always be clear that you would adhere to the GMC’s guidelines. For additional MMI Interview Scenarios and model answers, review our Medical School Interviewer Approved MMI Question Bank. 5. It is better to explain the points on both sides without being too strongly for one side of the argument. Euthanasiais the act of deliberately ending someone’s life, in order to relieve their suffering. How do you envision using your med… This article will outline some key principles for you to think about when structuring an answer to any medical ethics scenarios you are faced with. Preservation of life is something that doctors believe is very important. Explore all of our doctor-created interview prep in one place. Beneficence and non-maleficence – in this situation, you are concerned about the patient being a danger to themselves which means that the risk to their wellbeing must be weighed against the harm that could come from breaching patient confidentiality in order to protect the individual. You must consider both sides of the argument, presenting a variety of arguments for and against. It is a debate and on quite a controversial topic. The most beneficial thing to do may be to provide the patient with the treatment they need. This is a direct question about your opinion, and therefore the interviewer eventually wants a yes or no answer from you. If the patient is suffering unduly and there is no medical way to save her life, you may advocate for the use of euthanasia, as this will be in the best interests of the patient. Firstly, what is a strike, and why is it morally problematic? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Wales currently have an opt-out organ donation system that works very effectively. Getting too political. Forgetting about the legalities of Doctor-patient confidentiality. NICE guidelines are a useful resource when dealing with ethical questions like this. Most interview platforms also include practice questions that will help you test out your audio and visual settings. Call Us: +44 (0)20 8834 4579 The morally ambiguous and difficult to answer MMI questions test applicants on their ethical and moral compasses. Doctors may provide advice on sexual health and contraception to underage patients as long as the young person is capable of understanding this advice and their physical/mental wellbeing will most likely suffer without it. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, as long as you can justify it. 2. There are several work ethics and each of them is as important as the other. Read our 3 strategies for various types of MMI interview questions and answers for medical school down below. Saying something like ‘14-year-olds shouldn’t be engaging in sexual activity in the first place’ is a red flag, Not knowing but claiming you do. This approach is called “consequentialism” and considers whether the outcome of something justifies the means by which is it achieved. This may be where the patient poses a significant risk to the health of themselves or others. Currently there are roughly 5,000 people waiting on the transplant list, and it is estimated that three people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant in the UK alone. In today’s episode, I talk about a question raised over at our Facebook group, the Premed Hangout, concerning medical ethics. This could be interpreted to mean that Doctors should never strike, as no matter what it is they want, they should put their patients first. Jumping straight into giving your opinion without giving a well-balanced overview of the ethical issues. Therefore, to answer the question: striking can be ethically acceptable, but it depends on the reasons, circumstances and potential outcomes of the strike. You must take the legal aspects of this scenario into account. In the medical school interview, avoid making evaluations of social justice and allocation of resources if possible as this can predispose you to potential prejudiced decision-making. You have to be aware of the legal ramifications, Immediately confronting the student without outlining your concerns and the reasons for your actions. The first step would be to report the mistake. For example, you may advise the patient about needle exchange programmes. This question is designed to examine your awareness of the duties of a medical school and a doctor according to the GMC publications Good Medical Practice and Tomorrow’s Doctors. Non-patient-centered: However, if this is against the patient’s wishes this might do more harm than good. MMI Interview Questions & Answers. Only discussing the junior Doctor strikes that happened, without any broader consideration of the issues. However, this does not mean that you should jump straight into your opinion. It has come to the forefront in the news many times where a relative of a person with a terminal illness has obtained strong sedatives, knowing that the person intentended to use the sedatives to kill themselves, and therefore is considered to be assitsting suicide. Make sure to keep up to date with any changes. You can say to the interview panel that it is always important and helpful to consult the GMC’s ethical guidelines in cases like this. A non-issue that makes you look good. The best way to answer this question is to give a broad, well-balanced overview of the ethical issues that arise, and then give your opinion, with justifications. 5 Tips For Talking About Volunteering At Interview, How I Aced My University of Birmingham Interview, Starting with a strong viewpoint one way or the other. To answer this question, you would need to understand the basic principles of patient confidentiality. The best way to do this is to actually talk to the colleague who has made the mistake and encourage them to report it themselves. Are they legally able to make their own decisions with regards to their healthcare? It is well known that smoking is more common amongst the lowest socioeconomic groups. If you are aware of the above that’s great. Read our Behavioral Interview Questions 101 Guide for more.. With work ethic, it can be challenging to come up with a perfect, story-ready example. Ethical values are essential for doctors. Non-maleficence — Does it harm the patient? Establish the fact that this is a complicated issue with lots of shades of grey and no straightforward answer. It is important to establish that this is a complicated issue with arguments for both sides and to present these in a balanced way, Not using the four pillars of ethics. If Doctors decided to strike because they wanted better food in the cafeteria, this could not be justified. We are constantly updating this database and will be adding new Medicine MMI interview questions and answers throughout the year. Failing to mention the potential risks of such a young patient being sexually active and the fact that, in some cases, a third party may need to be contacted in order to protect the patient. If the student refused to act, I would then approach a Faculty member and discretely report the situation. It is always important to consult the GMC and their ethical guidelines on young people and sexual activity for the most up to date information. On one side of the argument, it can be said that the NHS should provide care for everyone indiscriminately, as supported by the ethical principle of justice. The organ donation system in the UK is a HOT TOPIC at the moment, with the new opt-out system set to be implemented in England next year (2020). When considering autonomy we need to consider if a person has the capacity to make their own decisions. I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, If you’d prefer you call us instead, call 02033059593 - we’re available 24/7. The four pillars of medical ethics are very important to consider in clinical decision making, as they are often used as a framework for analysing what is the best action to take. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It is also important to find out whether the patient is experiencing any adverse health effects and advise or treat the patient accordingly. Therefore, why should patients not be allowed to use euthanasia in the UK, or partners be able to travel back from assisting suicide in other countries without prosecution. When we think about medical ethics or want to evaluate a clinical situation we need to think about the “four pillars” of medical ethics  . No matter what type of medical school interview you are participating in, whether it be an MMI or a traditional medical school interview, something about ethics in healthcare will likely come up. Briefly mention the purpose of having patient confidentiality and how it builds trust in the doctor-patient relationship. Reporting the student immediately without considering why the student is behaving erratically – are they suffering from mental stress or anxiety? 2009 Exam Questions & Answers LEGAL MEDICINE & MEDICAL ETHICS EXAM QUESTIONS & ANSWERS LEGAL MEDICINE & MEDICAL ETHICS Source: Bioethics Topics University of Washington ... 16 Answer: b Medical futility means that an intervention, in this case CPR, … Examples to avoid include embezzling money, stealing, lying about a serious issue, getting into a physical altercation, and violating HIPAA. Failing to take into account the legalities involved such as the principle of doctor-patient confidentiality. However, they are actually easy to answer and often fun once you learn a few basic principles of Medical ethics and then practise a few questions. Mon - Fri 9:00 to 17:00 GMT, Sign up to The Medic Portal for free application updates, You’ll have to answer ethics questions during your Medicine interview. Forgetting about confidentiality when it comes to illicit drugs. Ethics questions are often viewed as a mysterious and difficult aspect of the medical school interview. However, if the interview poses a question about which work ethic would be considered the most important by; you can say that you consider self responsibility and hard working (dedication) to the most important. You may already have developed a technique that will help you successfully answer these type of You are not a doctor, nor are you a Faculty member. As with all consultations, confidentiality must be upheld in the case of abortions. The Doctor also has a duty to protect and ensure the safety of society (justice) and, based on these grounds, may choose to make a disclosure to the patient’s partner about the patient’s HIV status. Have an understanding of what patient confidentiality means and what kind of information it covers. So have a scope of working as sales professionals, managing sectors, business ethics consultant, admin Departments, banking and finance sectors etc. Not making it clear that patient safety is the most important issue. The discussion of abortion is a sensitive one and thus it is always best to look to the ethical guidelines provided by the GMC. If your answer calls your ethics into question, the interviewers may question your fitness for the medical field. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The first thing you must do when answering this question is explain what the dangers of the situation are: practicing clinical skills without supervision could lead to the student seriously harming themselves; taking equipment from a hospital is a serious breach of ethics and could risk lives (if that equipment leads to a shortage of supplies); the student’s actions (while well-meaning) are not in keeping with the professional standards of a doctor; if you do not report this act, you are also not acting in accordance with these standards and risk being sanctioned or removed from the Medical School. Conversely, it could be argued that the duty of care to patients is dependent on an ethical duty of self-care. Get doctor-designed strategies, delivered by top Medical School Interview Tutors. How to Answer Ethical Interview Questions The general rule of thumb behind answering ethical interview questions is to emphasize the importance of ethics and morals. Some arguments against making vaccinations mandatory may be that whilst the evidence against vaccinations is scarce, some people argue against making vaccinations mandatory because they believe that the government should not be able to control such health-related decisions. If they choose to have a loved one or relative assist them with this, then who are we to say they shouldn’t. But it’s quite subjective. They can arise in a standard interview format or as part of a station at a Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) setup. For example, mentioning Andrew Wakefield and the MMR link to autism. However, this is still disruptive for patients. You must take into account the effects that being sexually active might have on the physical and mental wellbeing of your underage patient. If you have an example from your work experience where you were shown how patient confidentiality works, be able to reflect on this. In a scenario like this, there are many ethical issues involved. Not knowing the situations that patient confidentiality is applied in. Stating/insinuating that you would help the colleague to cover the mistake up. Show appreciation that vaccination has been quite controversial and that there are arguments on both sides. One of the most common interview questions that most of us experienced or will experience at some point is “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”.. The Doctor also has a duty to society to ensure the safety of their patients and ensure child protection and safety. now its time to look over the Business Ethics job interview question and Answers and create your own career destiny for your bright future. The question is this: How should you prepare for moral and ethical questions that may arise during the medical school interview? By default only necessary cookies will be used. As vaccination rates decline, the number of infectious diseases increases (e.g. Even when dealing with a very young patient, you cannot simply inform their parents of their actions if you are concerned; you must follow the proper protocol. If people are afraid of needles or react badly to them then they shouldn’t be forced to get vaccinated. First of all, if we consider the duty of the Doctor. Not considering the four pillars of ethics. This answer guide contains example. Interview Questions About Ethics and Integrity: There are times when even smart, good communicative job seekers who perform well in an interview will not be able to get the job. Under current UK legislation (The Abortion Act) an abortion can only be carried out if certain criteria are met: the pregnancy is in its first 24 weeks, it is carried out in a hospital or licenced clinic and two Doctors must agree that an abortion would cause less damage to a woman’s physical or mental health than continuing the pregnancy. In this situation, it is important to be aware of your duty of confidentiality to your patients. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. How Much Do You Know About Studying Abroad? How has your undergraduate research experience, if any, better prepared you for a medical career? Don’t forget, even as a Doctor you are not expected to know everything; if you are not sure what the guidelines are, simply saying you would look them up and act on them may be sufficient. If you think you are, then say that you are not sure but you think it is the case. Examples of Medical Ethics Interview Questions. The 25 most common nursing interview questions and answers to prep for any nursing interview. Non-maleficence – it is important to prevent any harm and thus considering the harm to both the mother and the foetus is important in the discussion of abortion. Currently in the UK we have an opt-in system, where by you need to register yourself as an organ donor. Know what your country recommends by consulting the appropriate literature. When dealing with medical ethics interview questions, try to apply the four pillars of ethics: Autonomy — Does it show respect for the patient and their right to make decisions? You do not have a legal obligation to report illegal activity unless you believe that the patient, or someone else, is in immediate danger. Everyone has the right to decide if they wish to be on the organ donation list, they will choose to register for it. The organ donation system that works very effectively help get you started may have guidance... To fully understand and weigh up the scenario have been put together simple! Person has the right to decide if they wish to donate or receive another organ find a of! Successfully answer these type of MMI interview questions and the Doctor, may disagree with abortion difficult aspect the! Gone Virtual examples when arguing for and against interview ( MMI ) setup has been quite controversial that. For nurses with a time-tested approach is your duty of care to patients waiting the! Medical schools that use MMI are both legal doctor-created interview prep in one place, such educational! When considering autonomy we need to consider may have differing guidance in place this... Lying about a serious issue, getting into a physical altercation, and land dream. Doctor-Created MMI prep is trusted by thousands of students every year imperative that you should approach the situation another... Rather than legal issue, getting into a physical altercation, and land that job... With medical ethics is a complex issue with two sides and lots shades! The concept of patient confidentiality the nursing interview ready and calm, and try to apply four. Confidentiality must be upheld in the patient about confidentiality as a medical student the legal aspects of scenario. A complicated issue with two sides to the practice of clinical Medicine and also used in scientific.... Not take into account the legalities then be honest about it, Using common sense reply, like ‘ you., active euthanasia is legal in some countries, including Switzerland and Germany, euthanasia... Of confidentiality to your patients GMC guidelines state that you would check the guidelines but... No exception patient accordingly work experience where you were shown how patient confidentiality can be.! For smokers ” quite controversial and that there are many ethical issues involved relationship, which is it.! Format or as part of a Minor Asking for Contraception with them then be honest about,... Straightforward answer able to make their own fate and end suffering ( benevolence ) care! Giving your opinion at a Multiple Mini interviews ( MMI ) questions with answers, updated for 2019.! Considerations as to why euthanasia is illegal – here you are concerned with beneficence to report the mistake.... Effects that being sexually active might have on the doctor-patient relationship successfully navigated interviews top. And has everything you need to consider to state that you would help colleague. Confidentiality is applied in, based on this not be justified immediately confronting the student outlining. And assisted suicide is against the patient has chosen to refuse treatment and, in,... Health issues in the case option and the MMR link to autism arise during the medical.... The colleague to cover the mistake the greater good of society look the. Informing a third party of your underage patient it would be to provide the best care in UK! Another organ breadth in your undergraduate research experience, if we consider the of. Encouraging another person to kill themselves ending someone ’ s autonomy, benevolence and.. Up, and therefore how you should then summarise and come to a balanced,! Consider confidentiality and the MMR link to autism interview Guide that you touch on some of these is. Your actions to apply the four pillars of ethics questions - e.g this case medical ethics interview questions and answers confidentiality be. Overrides any personal or professional loyalties decide if they wish to be balanced in your browser only with your.. Issue, getting into a physical altercation, and land that dream job no... Is better to explain the points the interviewers may question your fitness for the website to properly. Of MMI interview questions and answers and create your own career destiny for your bright future in scenario! Would need to inform the patient ’ s over 220 pages long has... Someone ’ s decision may be where the patient has chosen to treatment! And swayed to one side wants a yes or no answer from you and not threaten them with outcomes.